Seth Rollins Vs Kevin Owens Clash of Champions Preview

Clash Of Champions days away from taking place in Indianapolis,Indiana with hardcore matches set up for the evening.This will be RAW’s first exclusive PPV where all RAW Titles will be defended.There are Crucial matches in that event and the main event of the evening will be The Architect taking on The Prizefighter for the WWE Universal Championship and we know that The Prizefighter’s win on Monday Night RAW was because of Triple H’s interference.And  it was not only Seth who was treated badly but The Big Dog who was almost there to win the Championship when the Game spoiled the Game for him as well so Roman got his chance for challenging KO at Clash of Champions but it was ruined by Rusev the current United States Champion and now it’s Reign’s vs Rusev for the US championship at Clash of Champions but the main matter is Seth “Freaking” Rollins taking on Kevin “Prizefighter” Owens for the WWE Universal Championship!So lets go straight onto that:

Seth Rollins Looses

Kevin Owens’s Strategy.


Well as we all know that KO won the title just because of Triple H in an episode of Monday Night RAW so there’s a lot of chance that Triple H might come out to help him against the Man Seth Rollins and it is also possible that Triple H and KO have a contract before their match about help.

That goes for Triple H and KO but if we just bring it down to KO and Seth Rollins then we know that KO is going to do his best to win cheat ,play mind games use distraction and if possible he might go as low as he thinks.Who knows if he finds it too hard to cope with the competition the Man is giving to him will he simply use a weapon and just let the match get over in seconds with he retaining the ugly title.

Well to be clear and practical and thinking it the KO way then it’s for sure that KO will start very slowly and sluggish type like Ambrose once called him a big fuzzy bear but after that when things get a little heated up then he might for some couple of super-kicks and a running senton and then when he gets everything according top his way than he will go for that cannon ball and it will be a clear end to the match by the Pop Up Power bomb but if we see Seth Rollins after his return from his injury we can clearly estimate one thing that one Power bomb is not enough to put away the man so Owens might get a little butt hurt but as we all know About about KO that he might go for a Power bomb or frog splash but it is also to be known that  Rollins is a last minute game changer and he might turn it (the coming move) into his Pedigree courtesy Hunter and might go for a pin and it will result in KO kicking out which will be a shock for Rollins and then Rollins might want to fly high but then three things might happen triple H might come and interrupt Rollins allowing KO to climb up to him and Power bomb him or Rollins might be caught in a power bomb in mid air or the worst possible thing is that KO might make Rollins hit the Ref. so that KO uses that other easy way out to win or might here the Game may come and screw Rollins for the Title ending in KO winning and successfully defending his title.seth-rollins-6-17042015

Match Result:Kevin Owen’s wins and retains the title in a controversial ending!

Seth Rollins Wins



Well at this point it becomes even more interesting to say that Rollins is going to give his best to defeat KO because he feels like he’s been cheated and that is going to be a great thing to watch.Well it will be like “Oh Yea”.

Rollins is bout to start the aggressive way as Rollins is too freaking angry now he even climbed up a locked cage last night on RAW to save Roman his past buddy but it is not clear did he come to save Roman or just to get his hands on KO but whatever was it for we saw some unbelievable things.I mean before some kind of main event who takes risks with his body to win but Rollins took he jumped form the apron to Rusev and then from there top of the cage he dived into the body of Rusev and KO he just was savage.

He put his entire goddamn body on the line which just gives easy predictions that he’s going to be super aggressive that night but it is not easy guys it is Seth Rollins and that means that same way he did before the cheap play but this time he’ll not do those although there is no guarantee for that but still the past few events will lead to a change in Rollins and the change is gonna be super change.

Thinking of that Rollins is the aggressive one then he will go for quick moves and then some high fly’s and attempt for pin but KO will kick out and then things will change as it always does KO will reverse and then it will be The Man in trouble but the man will easily kick out of that and then some more last minute reversals and then finally we get to see the Pedigree by the man and now if the Game do appears then Rollins would just go after him  and Let KO spoil the game from behind by a sudden roll up or a Power bomb,I say no sir!

Although it seems fictitious but Reigns will still come and save Rollins from that game and perhaps superman punch him or could be The Game reversing and hitting Reigns and then it will be Rollins for a confirmed suicide dive and then KO from behind and he will push him inside the ring and go for that Pop up but Rollins will land on the Opposite side of KO and will turn it to be a Pedigree and just Pin him there for the WWE Universal Championship.


Match Results:Seth Rollins win the WWE Universal Championship Cleanly!

Well those were the two types of Prediction but if you ask personally then I say that Seth Rollins should and will win as he deserves more after his return to WWE than KO does!



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