The Time Is Up?

“I want someone  to desperately take my spot on this place”,were the words from the former US and World Champion and also the 15 time WWE World Champ said the last Taking Smack before WWE SummerSlam!Was that the motive of John Cena on SummerSlam after he lost he thought that his successor is none other than AJ Styles or that meant a vacation after a long time that meant that he is giving up finally but of all others the giving up part was given more stress as he kissed it and put it in the middle of the ring!

So after that event and John Cena’s Deed it was a great hype at Social Media with questions arising like is he giving up finally from his career which he said he will never let go?But it simply doesn’t fit on our mind that he is going to retire i mean on SmackDown Live after SummerSlam  there was no sign of John Cena it was just AJ screaming that he is now the face that runs this place.Well i Just even can’t think of Cena retiring man he’s just 39 and he has a huge career left if not a huge career then at least become a 16 time world champion and equalize with Ric Flair or maybe even break it by becoming 17 time and that will be legacy we know for sure that John Cena is surely going to be a hall of famer but not now.

So now the major question is that What actually it meant and i have many answers for that but all those are lucky guesses so lets get started with the first one.



As we all know I mean only vivid WWE fans who watch everything of WWE like Total Divas then they know that John is not currently interested in making and handling a family cause even if he marries his love the Longest reigning Diva Champion in the History on all of WWE Nikki Bella (Stephanie Nicole Colace Garcia) he does not want to have kids because he is more interested in building his career and those were the words said on the recent season Total Divas i.e Season 5 so that brings out the question that Cena will retire due to Family issues but that can change as well right i mean who has seen their real lives so Cena might have changed his views on kids maybe because he thinks that he wants to make a family so that could be a major reason.

Moving on to the next issue.



Well the promo of John Cena return before Money in the Bank PPV had clearly one line written “Doctors said to return I’ve to wait for 9 months but i’m ready to go in 5.”

So that could be a major reason because he didn’t let the tear on his shoulder heal in the given time and he went before the expected time so he may have again got that injury revived so he may be out do to injury but WWE doesn’t want to show or Cena himself doesn’t want to show that he will be going out due to injury so he did that drama to show he will be out for a along time but instead he will be rehabbing for his injury.

Going on to next issue.



So now is he tired from all the rivalries and Championship challenges  in WWE  and he’s too tired so he might have decided to go on a vacation to freshen his mind from all this Running this place and shit so is he out on vacation but there are no sources that show us exactly that Cena is currently out on Vacation or not.But I don’t think that as it is a possibility so i put it here because the actions of his on WWE SummerSlam just indicated on thing and that is moving to the next point.



The Picture above is the screen of WWE SummerSlam when Cena lefty his arm band after kissing it and then saluting to this love i.e the WWE Universe.Now he retiring can be true as when he was walking up the ramp the Legendary John “Bradshaw” Layfield said ,”That is a legend ladies and gentlemen who is leaving the ring the 15 time world Champ.” well did that mean Cena’s is going to retire and also after kissing the arm band he walked up to the top of the ramp and then looked on to the WWE Universe and saluted them as if it was his last match on WWE.But personally speaking I think John Cena is really retiring as he got defeated  by the Phenomenal AJ Styles so it means when he left his band  on the ring he gave up his spot on the top of this WWE that means he is not the face that runs this place now its now AJ Styles.

Now Speaking frankly Cena left the Barclay’s Center with Mystery that won’t unfold until Shane-O-Mac(Shane McMahon) or Daniel Bryan unfolds it or John Cena the Champion in our hearts Then….Now…..Forever!!

#cenaarmband #dontleavecena #nevergiveup !!


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